Boat Club Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Boat Club?

The ability to have use of a wide variety of boat styles without the usual hassles and costs of owning a boat, and all for less than the cost of storing a single boat!

How do I make reservations?

The club has a 24-hour online reservation system. You can make reservations anytime that is convenient for you.

How many reservations can I have on the books at a time?

The number of reservations on the books at one time is based on the plan you purchase.

Can I reserve a boat for multiple day use?

Yes, Sunday thru Friday only.

Can I reserve a boat for overnight use?

Yes, Sunday through Thursday only, one per week. Management approval of mooring location is required.

Is there a limit on the number of times per year I can use the boats?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use a boat.

Is there an annual maintenance or usage fee?

There are no maintenance fees or usage fees. Members are required to pay their membership fees and for fuel used during their reservation.

How many people can I have on my membership contract?

Each contract is allowed two names from one household. One of the two named members must be driving the boat. No other people are allowed to operate the boat but are welcomed as guest passengers of our members. 

What does it cost to join the Harbor View Boat Club?

We have different membership plans, but no matter which plan you choose, you will find membership is more convenient than boat ownership and just a small fraction of the cost of ownership.

What happens if I cancel a reservation?

Cancellations are never a problem. However, the more advance notice you can give, the greater the chance that another club member can use the boat that day. If you do not cancel your reservation and do not use the boat you reserved you could be assessed a $10 per reservation fee.

How long is a membership good for?

Memberships are unlimited.

Is there a way to "Try before I buy"?

Yes, when not in use by our club members, we rent the boats out to the public. You can rent a boat and if you decide to join the club we will credit the rental amount against your membership fee.

I don’t know much about boating – is instruction available?

Every new member is required to go through a safety orientation plan. The safety orientation program will cover docking, general navigation and rules of the road. We suggest obtaining your boaters safety card thru Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. There are additional educational resources available online at

What happens if I decide to discontinue with the club?

There is only a one year commitment to join our club. After one year, with a 30 day notice, you may exit the club without penalty.

What Safety equipment is on the boat?

All boats have required USCG equipment. Adult life jackets for rated capacity, Type IV throwable, fire extinguisher, sound equipment, day and night flares. If you are bringing small children you are required to bring their life jackets. We strongly suggest you buy each child their own life jacket and label it with their name. All children 12 years and younger are encouraged to wear their life jackets at all times while onboard. Safety is our first priority.

Do I need to bring a chart?

No, each vessel has a general map of the area onboard. However, most members purchase their own charts so that they can mark it up with favorite beaches, restaurants, or anchorages. Having their own chart allows them to personalize their water experiences and pre-plan their upcoming day on the water.

How do I sign up?

Call to schedule a ‘Demo Ride’ and see how the Club can work for you. In the meantime, Review our website to see pictures of our fleet and pricing. Our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.